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The Tel Aviv University
iPSC Core Facility

Differentiating Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Into Different Types of Neurons, Glial Cells and Organoids

General Information

We have established a human Stem Cell Differentiation Core for Precision Medicine center (HSPM) that concentrates under one roof the knowledge and know-how for the development of cell differentiation protocols of iPSC-derived from patients suffering from a variety of diseases.


The HSPM develops differentiation protocols and functional assays for iPSC-derived neurons, astrocytes and other cells to model diseases and provides support for TAU researchers to promote their academic innovations aimed for translational precision medicine.

The HSPM has already iPSC-derived dopaminergic and cortical neurons and we are working on new directions these days.


The HSPM covers the increasing demand for specialized iPSC-derived cellular material on the TAU campus, commercial companies as well as the growing demand and lack of such services in other universities in Israel for basic research and translational medicine. HSPM at TAU provides a state-of-the-art stem cell laboratory and the expertise of in-house experts in highly specialized stem cell and differentiation methodologies. The HSPM serves dozens of research groups across the TAU campus – as well as from other Israeli research institutions and companies. Offering the necessary equipment and expertise, the Core advances exciting scientific breakthroughs for translational precision medicine to the stage where they are ripe for early clinical evaluation.

Our services include supplying iPSC-derived neuronal progenitor cells, iPS-derived neurons, and neural organoids. Our phenotyping services can compare key cellular characteristics across patient-derived and control-derived neurons.

These services can take up to 3 months and includes thawing and expansion of iPSC cells; Setting up for differentiation; Daily feeding and monitoring over the duration of the differentiation; Basic characterization of the differentiation, including morphology by bright-field imaging.

Additionally, we offer other services, such as cell banking, training and consulting on project planning and design, financial planning, ethical considerations and result interpretation.

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